Faith Associates does not currently have a formal statement and action plan on sustainability. In Faith Associates operation and the delivery of projects sustainability is considered:

    1. Saving energy and resources – we look, where possible, to source renewable energy and combined heat and power electricity from our energy supplier and utilise energy efficient office equipment and lighting

    2. When purchasing goods and services we consider sustainability heavily.

    3. Waste – reducing, reusing and recycling office waste

4. Travelling sustainably – we are committed to using motor vehicles where public transport arrangements are not timed or organisationally efficient. In the organisation of the majority of our training we generally deliver locally where the trainer travels to the participants rather than causing all attendees to travel substantial distances

5. Sustainable approaches to meetings – we are committed to continue working towards utilising new technologies to limit the environmental impacts of our work, currently we use Skype for internal meetings with associates dispersed geographically. We would be pleased to work with clients utilising telephone or video conferencing facilities for meetings concerned with the management of commissions and projects.