Faith Associates have recently developed the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework which includes child protection quality framework standards. 

In line with this quality framework, Faith Associates also provide an audit service to Mosques & Madrassah to help Management committees implement good teaching practices and governance structures within the Mosque & Madrassah environment. A key feature of this includes an audit of child protection procedures.

The aims of this audit are to:

  • Assist organisations in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current child protection measures in place.
  • Provide a targeted action plan and solutions to the child safeguarding challenges facing your Mosque or Madrassah to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Follow up support to leaders in the Mosque & Madrassah.
  • Offer accreditation to organisations which meet the framework quality standards to demonstrate their competence in this area

To enquire about our child protection documentation please contact:

Accredited Training



Faith Associates trainers are qualified Level  1 child protection trainers. Training has been accredited by Buckinghamshire County Safeguarding Board. Faith Associates has specialised in providing child protection training within the context of Mosque, Madrassah and Supplementary Schools 

CPD Accredited

Faith Associates is pleased to announce that its Level 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection Training is now CPD accredited and recognised. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a quality mark awarded to a learning activity that enhances and develops professional’s abilities, while providing conscious and proactive learning.

Level 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection Training CPD registration number A006054 and website link: