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Faith Associates have recently developed the National Madrassah Quality Standards Framework...

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Faith Associates has developed a unique Madrassah Management toolkit which assists Management Committees in setting up robust service management systems in their Mosques. Our toolkit provides approaches for each of the key areas that the Mosque leadership needs to understand to govern and steer their Mosque in a manner and direction which will help to implement good management and teaching practices.

One of the key features of this toolkit is that Faith Associates will develop and implement a child protection training programme to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in your care. This is to ensure that Management Committees, managers, staff and volunteers fully understand their role and responsibility in safeguarding children in Mosques and Madrassah and know what to do when an incident of abuse arises.

The aim of the training programme is to introduce child protection and safeguarding issues in the context of Mosques and Madrassah. The focus is on developing awareness of, and the ability to act on, concerns about the safety and welfare of children and young people and take the child protection message to as wide an audience as possible within the Muslim communities.

Faith Associates Child Protection Training Tailored for Mosques and Madrassahs

The Prophet ﷺ said: “All of you are guardians and responsible for your wards and the things under your care.” (Bukhari)


Level 1 Safeguarding Course

Topics Covered

  1. Aims & Objectives
  2. Safeguarding in Islam
  3. National Safeguarding Agenda
  4. Definition of Abuse
  5. Preventing Radicalisation
  6. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  7. E-safety (Social Media Policies & Safeguarding)
  8. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  9. Child Development
  10. Reacting to Disclosure
  11. Roles and Responsibilities in Islamic Institutions
  12. Information Sharing and Confidentiality
  13. Allegations Against Staff
  14. Summary of an Islamic Institution


All attendees are presented with a certificate and certified in Level 1 Child Safeguarding. Training must be renewed once every three years.

How to Book

For enquiries and bookings contact Faith Associates on +44 (0) 1494 416202 or email

Faith Associates Chief Executive sits on the Charity Commission's Safeguarding Advisory Board. Members of Faith Associates' team have also worked closely with the NSPCC faith unit.

Accredited Training

Faith Associates


Faith Associates trainers are qualified Level  1 child protection trainers. Training has been accredited by Buckinghamshire County Safeguarding Board. Faith Associates has specialised in providing child protection training within the context of Mosque, Madrassah and Supplementary Schools 

Faith Associates has developed the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) following years of research, consultation, support and teaching within the Madrassah and Mosque arena.

The MQSF combines legal requirements with outstanding Madrassah practice in order to enable them to meet standards and excel in: child protection and safeguarding, health & safety, effective teaching and learing, organisation and governance.

The MQSF 3 tier Accreditation Framework (Mizan, Kausar, Firdaus) is designed to raise standards in the Madrassah sector.

To enquire about the Safeguarding courses we run, our services in more detail or for consultation and advice, contact Faith Associates on:

Tel: +44 (0) 1494 416202