Building on our work engaging with ethnic minority and faith communities, Faith Associates can support local, regional and national governmental bodies, in undertaking research into the needs and aspirations of target groups.

We have also worded with NGO’s and commercial organisations to understand the needs and trends within their target groups (customers).

Examples of our work so far have included:

  • A number of communities need projects for English local authorities to help decision maker’s better direct public funds. Faith Associates approach to developing and delivering research projects is based on a number of stages. On the completion of each stage a review is undertaken to inform the delivery of the next stage. We have developed a number of engagement approaches to help Local Authorities and Community organizations to partner together to deliver for the wider society
  • The evaluation of existing project outcomes and supporting implementers to either enhance project delivery or set different bench marks to achieve various targets
  • Providing post project reviews and evaluation to project sponsors and offering recommendations for future development