Faith Associates

Faith Associates has developed work and relationships across a range of media in the UK and further: print, radio, web and video/TV. Developing effective communications is a central component of capacity building.

Our work ranges from providing media training to community and faith groups to advising and producing a range of communication tools to meet sponsor needs and audience.

Our publication ‘Celebrating Achievements’ is a media pack for community organizations and groups and can be downloaded here: Celebrating Achievements.


Media Planning

Faith Associates’ work in facilitating community and civil society groups to produce high quality content and disseminate their messages through different channels involves the theorisation and documentation of a comprehensive plan that includes the explanation of:

  • how to convey the right message
  • understand who the target audience is
  • ensure the message is delivered at the best time
  • discuss the desired outcomes and results
  • pinpoint the most effective means of delivering the message.

Media Training

Media for social change, we have trained and worked with faith leaders, community groups, charities and business leaders to develop and build their:

  • Communication skills
  • Communication strategies
  • Understanding of how ocial media works

The training programmes have helped to shift the perception of their client group or positioned their key staff for the purpose of presenting a coherent and decisive message.

Media Production

Faith Associates can facilitate the creation and distribution of films, imagery, soundbites and infographics that showcases high production value and is focussed around local community engagement work.

Once the planning process is complete, Faith Associates engineers the production of high quality content by providing the necessary equipment and personnel to its client to ensure the best results. The team at Faith Associates focusses on preparing the chosen locations and bringing to life creative ideas and innovations to best engage the intended target audiences.