Shaukat Warraich
CEO - Faith Associates

Editors Note

The 'Muslim Women's Guide to Mosque Governance, Management and Service Delivery' aims to empower women in Mosque settings and seeks to set out new pathways that Mosque's can take to serve their communities. 

The guide takes a comprehensive look at the role Muslim women can and should be taking in faith institution settings. It provides both an historical perspective on the inclusivity of Mosques for women during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and a series of practical examples and advice from leading female scholars, teachers and community activists on the skils and tools required for Muslim women to excel in Mosques.

Faith Associates has been invested in supporting Mosques and Madrassahs for over 20 years. Having delivered our training and advice services to both the UK and international audiences, we saw an overwhelming demand from women who wanted to become integral to the governance and manangement structure of Mosques. Faith Associates saw an opportunity to couple its expertise in institutional development with the voices of leading Muslim women to produce this guide. 

The 'Muslim Women's Guide' also indicates the progression and development of Faith Associates own literature and services. This guide follows on from our initial 'Management Guide for Mosques and Islamic Centres (2007)'. This was subsequently followed by our comprehensive 'Handbook for Madrassah Management and Safeguarding (2011)which provided the groundwork for our 'Guide to Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding for Faith Based Establishments (2016)' that was officially launched earlier this year and has been adopted by 6 West Midlands local authorities. 

We are committed to continue serving faith institutions in their development as beacons of the community. We are confident that through the greater representation of women who excel in leadership delivery, Mosques can become truly transformative spaces that provide a wide range of services for their community and prosper as a living, breathing and sustainable institution.  

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