About Beacon Mosque

Faith Associates, having over 15 years of experience in advising and helping community groups and faith institutions develop good governance, build capacity and refine their management procedures to ensure they become sustainable and forward looking institutions, acknowledges that there is room for improvement but also that there are Mosques and Islamic Centres doing fantastic community orientated work that need to be recognised and rewarded.

'Beacon Mosque' has been developed to recognise that the role Mosques and Islamic Centres play in the macro infrastructure of towns and cities is being felt and their impact on the social and cultural fabric of society is being measured. It is also committed to highlighting excellent practices, promoting effective governance and help to establish bench marks of quality for other Mosques and Islamic Centres to try and emulate.

Quality Benchmark Standards

Attaining Quality Standards

Structure, Management & Governance

Policies & Procedures

Facilities Management

Staffing & Employment

Financing & Fundraising


Accountability & Transparency


Community Development

Additional Services



To become Beacon Mosque accredited or for consultation and advice, contact Faith Associates on:
Tel: +44 (0) 1494 416202
Email: info@faithassociates.co.uk