Faith Associates, Empowering Communities, Building Standards

We are committed to multidisciplinary collaborative research, development and implementation on local, national and international levels. Our aim is to influence and support the strategic planning of decision makers in all levels of government and non-governmental organisations. Faith Associates works to empower faith-based communities and leaders, young people and women within them.

Mosque Leadership Training


Madrassah Management and Safeguarding Training



Imam Training and Support



Charity Management and Support

Providing strategic advice, by working with trustees and managers to help build a sustainable future.

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Beacon Mosque

Building standards and organizational competences to have a sustainable future for the whole community.

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Supporting faith based organizations understand Safeguarding and how to protect vulnerable children and adults

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Madrassah Management and Standards

Raising standards and building teaching competences within the Madrassah institution, to help with the effective teaching and learning

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Case Studies

Education Services and Support

Faith Associates has sucessfully supported the education services by delivering effective strategies and documnetation in state schools and supplementary schools.

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Project Managment and Community Engagement

Faith Associates sucessfully leads the coordination and management of a variety of community engagement projects.

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Delivering Effective Communication Strategies

Faith Associates focusses on Planning, Production and Promotion to deliver effective communications strategies across the community.

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Community Development

Faith Associates has facilitated the creation of community action forums through pioneering consultations between a wide cross seciton of society.

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Partners & Clients